Funding Awarded for Game Conscious™ Characters

The Lab is delighted to be collaborating with Meaning Machine on their successful MyWorld Collaborative Research and Development bid, Game Conscious™ Characters. This year long project will involve research and development in generative AI systems for in-game characters. The project will be delivered in partnership with Dr Richard Cole and Dr Chris Bevan at the University of Bristol.

In the words of Meaning Machine: “We’re on a mission to make game characters as dynamic and interesting as the worlds they inhabit – and this extended phase of R&D will make it possible. No more lore dumps, no more generic barks, no more “wtf are you talking about, barkeep?”. Death to lifeless NPCs! Long live Meaning Machine!”

Dr Cole said: “We are extremely excited to be working with Meaning Machine as research partner on this innovative grant. Our aim is to analyze just how meaningful games can be with Game Conscious™ Characters. We’re looking forward to recruiting research participants through the Lab, and sharing project updates.”

You can read more about the aims of the project on the University of Bristol press release.

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