The Bristol Digital Game Lab is a research group based in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Bristol. Launched in September 2022, the Lab brings together researchers and practitioners from a radically diverse range of perspectives. This includes translation and accessibility, history, comparative literature, law, computer science, AI, game design, and beyond. The Lab is coordinated by Dr Richard Cole and Dr Xiaochun Zhang.

The aim of the Lab is to chart new possibilities for collaboration, both across disciplines and between Higher Education and the gaming industry, with digital games as a shared object of interest. By exploring crosscutting themes in a collaborative environment, we hope to contribute to ongoing debates about the nature and impact of games, while also co-creating new ways to develop, play, and test ideas using games. To this end, the Lab will offer researchers and practitioners the opportunity to experience a variety of games on the latest hardware, as well as the chance to get involved in generating their own.

For more details, you can read our first blog post, which was also published as a LinkedIn article.